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5 1/2" Rose Quartz Healing Wand

This beautiful Rose Quartz wand is filled with unconditional love and ready to do some loving healing to you or your environment. The Quartz ball point will direct the energy to where it needs to be while the sphere on the other end will emit the energy in all directions. Detailed silver toned accents. Shipping $8.73


Apatite Top Polished Point

If you are looking for inspiration and motivation than an Apatite point may help you with this. Each piece is unique in natural color and banding ranging from 2-3" in height. Shipping $8.76


7" Natural Agate Slices

Beautiful large natural Agate slices. Each piece is unique and will provide banded layers and eye catching inclusions. Perfect flat plate for all your special belongings. Shipping $9.41

50mm Pyrite Sphere

Hold this sphere and you will feel its energetic wealth. Know also as fools gold and is a symbol of wealth and good luck. The sphere shape sends light vibrations in all directions. Shipping $8.76

Winged Cat Gargoyle

This wonderful resin cast of a gargoyle cat with his wings spread and his fangs showing. 6 1/2" x 8" x 4". Shipping $10

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